ByCycle Race

New for 2013 Velocity and Scottish Cycling launch the school and work {by}cycle race! Compete against other schools and workplaces to increase the number of miles cycled to your school or work!

The first {by}cycle race begins on Monday! Stage 1; 18th February - 28th March. 

How to Get Involved

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More about the ByCycle Race

The ByCycle Race records the cumulative number of weekly journeys in a business or school as a percentage of the total number of employees' or pupils' journeys. The results are uploaded weekly here where the running totals will be seen and compared to other businesses/ schools in the Race. There will also be the option to concurrently run competitions between different departments/ school classes.

The participants themselves record the data which will then used as motivation to carry on cycling. We will provide incentives to participation by giving spot prizes (lights, cycling equipment, training sessions) and within the schools ByCycle Race run a series of races in conjunction with Scottish Cycling.

Once a workplace or school has signed up to the ByCycle Race we will begin by undertaking a baselining exercise to more fully understand the barriers to using cycling to commute with these organisations/ schools. In schools our work will complement the Highland Council's existing Bikeability Training which currently is not provided in every school. Across the board we aim to provide bike maintenance drop in sessions, workplace audits, advice about working towards best practices, identifying safest routes to work/ school and awarding Cycling Scotland's 'Cycling Friendly Employer/ School' status. Most importantly we will build a positive ongoing supportive relationship.