Americano – £2.00

Simple and straight up, or served with milk.

Cappuccino – £2.40
Italian with flair. Espresso, hot milk and foam in equal measure. We can do a flat white, too.

Bicyclatte – £2.40
A shot of espresso with lots of hot milk.


Tea – £2.00
A bag of tea in a teapot. Unless you’d prefer a mug – in which case just ask.

Velocitea – £2.00
Herbal teas – a rainbow selection!

Hot Choc 

Hot chocolate – £2.75
Made with hot milk

Soft Drinks 

Water – free!
Stay hydrated; drink lots of water

Cordial – £1.00
A glass of juice, as my mum would say

Cartons of Juice – £1.50

Organic Fizzy Cans £2.50

A bit peckish, too? 

Mmmm cake… Biscotti for dipping, zingy lemon cake, scones to ride for, indulgent chocolate, and carrot cake (that’s a vegetable right?). Take a look at the counter to see what we have in today. All individually priced from £1.00 - £3.75



Sandwiches –  £4.20

Served on tasty brown bread. 

Cheese & pickle
Egg & cress
Hummus and bean spouts

Soup £3.95

Our organic, locally sourced, homemade soups come served with a hunk of sunflower bread, or gluten-free oatcakes.

Hot Meal £5.95

Freshly made hot meal of the day. Served from 12pm and sure to fill you full of veggie goodness.


Loads of tasty salads with local veggies!

Medium Salad bowl £4.90

Large Salad bowl £6.90

Extra bread £0.50 p



If you are a local food producer and would like us to use your produce please get in touch. Susan is our lovely cafe manager and can be reached on

We are using veg from The Natural Veg Company, Torbreck.