Learn with Velocity

We run a number of courses on bicycle maintenance and repair; places on these courses are £15 for each session.  We currently run two categories of courses:

Kids and adults

Each place on these courses is for an adult accompanied by up to two under 16s.  They take place on a Sunday and last an hour.  Currently, we're running a session on puncture repair.

Evening Courses

Courses run on Monday and Wednesday evenings. Each course is 2 hours long with the exception of the Wheelbuilding course which is 4 hours over two nights.

Essential Skills: a bicycle audit, what to wear & take, induction to the workshop

Basic Wheels: taking a wheel in and out, fixing a puncture, using a pump, tyres, tubes, pressures

Basic Brakes; how they work, different types, barrel adjusters, troubleshooting your brakes

Basic Gears: how to use gears, how they work, how to spot if they are worn, mending a chain, where to clean and what with

Advanced Wheels: truing a wobble, servicing a hub, replacing a spoke

Advanced Brakes: replacing parts, servicing bake arms, calipers and barrel adjusters, servicing hydraulic disk brakes.

Advanced Gears: pulling cranks, replacing a casette, indexing gears and barrel adjusters, gear cable replacement, mech hanger alignment


Bottom Brackets

Wheelbuilding: this course is different to the others, as it runs over two nights.

What you need to bring

  • A bicycle!

What we will provide you with

  • Tools
  • Tutors
  • Plenty of tea and water!
  • Fun learning

Making a booking