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Supporting more people to cycle and walk to work or school

We have one year's funding to help more adults and children make regular journeys {to work, to the shops, to school, to appointments...} by bicycle or on foot in place of driving cars.


We are looking for people who want help to swap their regular car journeys to cycling or walking- you can get in touch with us at GoByCycleInverness@gmail.com


We'll also be working with four primary schools over the year. We believe that starting children cycling from a young age can provide a wealth of physical health and behavioural benefits, along with bringing a sense of independence and confidence. We think that if cycling is supported at a young age, these behaviours are more likely to be integrated into their lives and stick as they get older.  That's why we're working closely with P6 and P7's to provide the skills and confidence they'll need to take them through to Secondary school and onwards to their lives of future cycling adventures!