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We'll be celebrating everything we've achieved in our year of funding from the Climate Challenge Fund at Velocity on Thursday 30th March 2017 from 6pm. 

We're sad to see the end of the project but we're also incredibly proud of everything we've achieved. We don't want to steal the evening's thunder so come along to the grande finale... prizes will be awarded, along with the Grand Prize of £1000 towards a bike for the lucky winner of the "Log Your Journey" competition. Thanks to everyone who got in touch with the project over the course of this year. We've helped people learn to ride from scratch, we've helped people keep their bikes on the road by teaching maintenance skills, we've helped people feel more confident in their cycling ability and have given people the skills to ride safely, we've shared safe routes, we've loaned out bikes to people who didn't have one, we've motivated and supported to ride more and drive less. Thanks for being part of it.


Supporting more people to cycle and walk to work or school

We have one year's funding from the Scottish Government's Climate Challenge Fund to help adults and children make more everyday journeys by bicycle or on foot instead of driving cars.  Whether it's travelling to work or school, visiting friends, going shopping or attending appointments, we'd like to help you make the choice to leave the car at home more often and walk or cycle instead. 

  • A "Log Your Ride" competition with a £1,000.00 prize towards a bike of your choice plus weekly incentives
  • Free Dr Bike and Safer Routes planning for you and your Workplace
  • Free Cycle Skills sessions, 1:1 and groups - Want to learn how to ride confidently? how to use your gears? how to feel safe going round roundabouts? 
  • Bike Maintenance sessions- Want to learn to fix a puncture? How to tweak your gears? How to put your chain back on?

We will support people to cycle however we can.  Follow the quick and simple links below to register for our activities, book sessions and get involved with the project.  

If you think we can help you please get in touch with us at: GoByCycleInverness@gmail.com


Primary Schools

We'll also be working with four primary schools over the year. We believe that starting children cycling from a young age can provide a wealth of physical health and behavioural benefits, along with bringing a sense of independence and confidence. We think that if cycling is supported at a young age, these behaviours are more likely to be integrated into their lives and stick as they get older.  That's why we're working closely with P6 and P7's to provide the skills and confidence they'll need to take them through to Secondary school and onwards to their lives of future cycling adventures!