The workshop at Velocity is as much for the kids as it is for adults. We believe adults and children can learn loads from one another (especially when it comes to fixing and riding bikes) so what better way to learn than together?! We've created a Young Persons Policy to ensure young people are treated fairly and equally, including  their ability to become a member of Velocity (see links below).

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So, we're giving FREE supported time in the workshop for under 16's, allowing them to learn to fix their own bikes. Here are the details:

  • Saturday morning from 9am-12
  • 1 child at a time in the workshop
  • Parent or guardian supervision is needed (we're happy for you to sit and enjoy a cup of tea in the cafe while you wait)

If you'd like to use this service, pop along to the workshop (1 Crown Avenue), give us a call (01463 419956) or drop the  Go ByCycle team an email (  to book your place in the workshop and have the team help you fix your own! 

Click here to read our 'Young Person Policy' 

Click here to download our  'Under 16's Membership Form