Our Go ByCycle project is all about getting children active! Even in smaller catchment areas in the city, 1 in 5 primary school children are now driven to school by car. Active transit – walking, cycling, or scooting – are not only healthy for the children: they reduce congestion at school gates, lower our greenhouse gas emissions, and create a culture of being active in our daily lives.

We work with four local school clusters on supporting and encouraging all forms of active transit. To do this, we conduct surveys, meet with key stakeholders, and work with children, teachers, and parents directly. We help deliver Bikeability, coordinate volunteers, aid schools in achieving the Cycling Friendly Schools award, provide Dr Bike sessions for children, run classroom activities and throw bike fun days.

If you are a teacher or parent at any of the schools in Millburn Academy and Inverness Royal Academy clusters and are interested in Go ByCycle activities in your school, please get in touch with Jana at jana@velocitylove.co.uk. If you are within the Dingwall Academy or Fortrose Academy clusters, contact Alice and Tilia at alice@velocitylove.co.uk and tilia@velocitylove.co.uk.

If you are a member of the community and would be interested in volunteering at schools to support active transit (for example by delivering Bikeability yourself!) please contact us at gobycycle@velocitylove.co.uk.