Go ByCycle launches in Bike Week

We're really excited! Our new project, Go ByCycle launches next week. We're going to be working across the city to do all we can to help get more people on bikes and on foot and out of cars.

You'll have gathered by now that at Velocity we think bikes are brilliant. We want more people to feel the enjoyment we get out of riding and we want to help make this happen- that's what Go ByCycle is all about.

Would you like to improve your confidence on the road? Know how to negotiate junctions? Feel happy riding round roundabouts? Understand how to use gears? Then get in touch to find out about our free Cycling Confidence sessions.

If the fear of mechanical failure keeps you off your bike then come along to a bike maintenance session where you'll be able to learn how to deal with common problems you might encounter along your route to work. We'll teach you how to fix a puncture, how to put a chain back on, and how your breaks and gears can be adjusted easily. Get in touch for more information.

Are you worried about busy traffic? We can help you discover the quietest route from your house to your work and talk through solutions to any barriers, on or off the bike. We can help you think about how to make your journey as easy and as enjoyable as it can be- what to wear, how to carry things, how to be visible and safe.

Are you up for a competition? We'll be running walking and cycling challenges throughout the year- let us know if that's what will get you out of your car and into the fresh air and we'll sign you up!

Get in touch- GoBycycleInverness@gmail.com


To mark Bike Week 2016,  HItravel and Velocity Cafe and Bicycle Workshop have teamed up for a free two-day event which is being held at the Eastgate Centre and Falcon Square in Inverness -  on Tuesday 14 and Wednesday 15 June, between 10.30 am and 4.30 pm.

Come and visit us!

  • Bring your bike along to Falcon Square where our Dr Bike mechanics will give it a free check and undertake a basic repair service. We’ll also be able to provide advice on further servicing that your bike may need. 
  • There is also the chance to try your hand at Velocity’s mini-skills course.  Please bring your bike along to Falcon Square to test your balance and co-ordination skills (Wednesday only)
  • Sign up for Cycling Skills courses and Bike Mechanics sessions

The HItravel stall will be on the ground floor of the Eastgate Centre for information and advice about cycling (and walking and public transport use) in and around Inverness.  The opportunity exists to:

  • Sign up for a personalised travel challenge for the chance to win a bike, donated by Halfords.  There are also many cycle-related giveaways for everyone who comes along.
  • Pick up a printed copy of the new Inverness Active Travel Map, which shows walking and cycling routes around the city.  The map is also available to download by visiting the HItravel website
  • If your bike needs servicing or repairs that can’t be done on the day, then HItravel has 30 bike shop service vouchers to give away (available on a first come, first served basis). 

So, whether you’re new to cycling, haven’t ridden for a while, or cycle regularly, hopefully we have some useful advice or inspiration for you.

 Highland Councillor Audrey Sinclair and HITRANS Board Member said: “Bike Week is a great opportunity for anyone interested in active travel to find out more about how they can lead a healthy lifestyle in and around Inverness"

We say "Bikes are Brilliant! We want to share the love!"