Our winner of the "Log Your Journey" tells her story

We celebrated the end of our year of GoByCycle with a celebration in the cafe and also announced the winner of the Log Your Journey Challenge by selecting from randon a name from the hundreds of people who had logged journeys (35,614 miles of them) over the year. We hope that Marcia's story continues to inspire you to keep on riding! This is what she had to say:

"I heard about the Go ByCycle programme in January, and I joined in the GoJan17 challenge of a task a day.  Although I wasn't able to keep up with the challenges in January, I did sign up to log my alternative transport miles until the end of March.  I had already been cycling to work a few times a week, but as you know, it isn't easy in the winter time when the days are short and the weather often challenging.  I live in  Fortrose and my work commute is 20 miles one way, with some of this on a road busy with car commuters, so motivation is a requirement!  The Go ByCycle programme and incentive of winning £1000 towards a new bike was just the motivation I was needing!  After doing a bit of quick math in my head, I decided I would try to cycle 1000 miles by the end of March...this worked out to about 100 miles a week.  Having this goal really pushed me to get on my bike on all those cold and dark winter mornings.  On days when the weather was a bit dicey instead of driving to work, I might drive part way and cycle the rest, and there were a couple of occasions when I offered a co-worker a lift rather than driving in alone.  I was really pleased that I was able to reach my goal of 1000 miles by the end of March, and I've even set myself a personal goal to carry on and cycle another 1000 miles over the next 3 months.  Even though I only participated for three months in the programme, it was enough to make cycling to work more of a habit, and something I definitely look forward to. I've been saving money on fuel and keeping fit, not to mention the benefits to the atmosphere of leaving my car at home.  Most of all, cycling reminds me that life is meant to be lived at a slower speed. "

We're delighted that Marcia has won £1,000 towards a new bike are are looking forward to working with her to make sure she gets a good one!