Meet the Velocity Family

Cafe Manager
Rides a Surly Long Haul Trucker and a road bike


Cafe Supervisor
Rides a Raleigh Twenty


Project Co-ordinator
Rides a Canondale lefty

 Workshop Mechanic

Shirley, Amandla and Jenny
Women's Cycle to Health Team

Amandla   Women's Cycling to Health and Men's Cycling to Health Team

Bike Academy and Men's Cycle to Health

Bike Academy

Robert Locke
Velocity Co-oordinator

Velocity is a social enterprise that is led by a Board of Management. Currently the Board is made up of five volunteer members: Dave Sage, Sarah Burton, Ian Larg, Lindsay Warrack and Paul Whitham. We will be posting some photographs of them here shortly. 

The Board are responsible for ensuring the good governance of the organisation and determining its strategic direction into the future.