Ferga heads up our work with Primary schools. We are working with two Primary schools in Inverness for the first year of the Go ByCycle project; Muirtown Primary and Milton of Leys Primary. 

We believe that starting children cycling from a young age can provide a wealth of physical health and behavioural benefits, along with bringing a sense of independence and confidence. We think that if cycling is supported at a young age, these behaviours are more likely to be integrated into their lives and stick as they get older.  That's why we're working closely with P6 and P7's to provide the skills and confidence they'll need to take them through to Secondary school and onwards to their lives of future cycling adventures!

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The ByCycle Race! is a key component of our work with Primary schools and has been super successful since it started back in August 2012. The ByCycle Race! encourages children to award themselves points every time they ride their bike to and from school, which are added towards the schools total score. These points are collected each week and at the end of term the school with the highest score wins the ByCycle Race! trophy. 

Find the most recent results for the ByCycle Race! Who's winning...Muirtown, Milton of Leys or Kirkhill? 

See the blog for Ferga's updates on the ByCycle Race! and other fun things she's been getting up to

If you'd like to ask a question, get in touch with Ferga on ferga@velocitylove.co.uk | 01463 419956 (thurs & fri)