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Please note that we will be sending out 2-3 updates in the coming weeks, the 27th August will see our first Annual General Meeting and you are all welcome to attend and vote {see below}. This will take place in the evening at Velocity Cafe and Bicycle Workshop. The AGM will see a new board elected, the accounts for year 1 will be available and there will be a presentation on our first year's {a little over a year} activities. 

You have all signed up to be a member of Velocity Cafe and Bicycle Workshop during the past year - thank you!

Velocity is a membership organisation and would love your continued support as we come into the second year of Velocity existing. Here's what that means:

Being a non-voting member means that you are able to use Velocity Bicycle Workshop to Fix Your Own Bike {after your short induction}. 

Being a voting member means that you are able to vote at AGMs and be nominated to be a Director of Velocity.

Being a voting member is free, you guarantee Velocity for liability of £1, it's like being a member of the co-operative.

If you wish to become a voting member this year please enter your name and email here {i'll create a weblink for this - this is where i should have put} to confirm. Non-voting members will always be able to use the bicycle workshop so if you don't wish to become a voting member - don't worry, nothing changes.

We hope you continue to enjoy using and being part of Velocity.

Our aim: to increase cycling in inverness!