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Hamde Abu Rahma: Shooting the Occupation

Launch Night for the Inverness Palestine Film Festival

Hamde Abu Rahma: Photography and Resistance

Saturday 13th August, 6.30 pm at Velocity Cafe, 1 Crown Avenue, Inverness

Born and brought up in the West Bank village of Bil’in, for the past six years Hamde has been risking his life to document life under the Israeli occupation. The people of Bil’in are at the forefront of the Palestinian non-violent resistance movement. They have organised more than 500 weekly protests against the construction of Israel’s so-called ‘separation wall’, a wall that ‘separates’ the village from 60% of its farmland. Despite the killing by Israeli forces of two of his family members, Hamde remains a strong advocate of peaceful resistance. In 2014 Hamde published a collection of his photographs: ’Roots Run Deep - Life in Occupied Palestine’.

Through Hamde’s lens we are able to witness remarkable scenes of living under apartheid. He allows us to see what Palestinians face on a daily basis. The constant harassment by the Israeli army, the partition wall, the humiliation of checkpoints, the destruction of homes, farms and ever expanding settlements built by the Israelis.’

A Taste of Palestine

Stay for a buffet of authentic Palestinian food after the talk.

The Film Festival

Films are being shown at Eden Court over 5 nights (14th, 19th, 21st, 25th and 28th August)



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