Our first big project, ‘Go ByCycle’ has now been running for two years, thanks to funding from the Scottish Government’s Climate Challenge Fund. In this time, we’ve developed our specialist fix-your-own-bike workshop and worked to promote the benefits of cycling with thousands of young people, local businesses and partner organisations around Inverness.

While the funding for this project comes to an end next month, we’re more excited than ever about our core aim, which is to promote healthy, happy lifestyles through cycling. We’re in the process of developing new outreach projects and looking for creative ways to fund our work in the community, but we could really do with your help!

In particular, we want to ensure that we can continue to provide a community bike workshop, staffed with specialist mechanics to help you out and teach young people new skills for life and employment.

If this is something that you believe in and want to support, please click DONATE to give what you can.